Thursday, September 23, 2010

compared to what?

If I had been the observer of my actions and body language a minute ago, I would have drawn the following conclusion:


“Stay away, I think it stinks in there.”


I had my face turned inside out in disgust. The kind of face people make when they are forced to stay put amidst a roiling silent-but-deadly cloud of flatulence. You know, when you try to cover your nose with whatever part of your face is willing to accept the task. (of course you usually end up just looking weird and flaring your nostrils to inadvertently invite in more of the exact odor particulate that you are trying to avoid.


But my disgust wasn’t smell. I was pouring myself a cup of the free coffee on our floor.  This stuff is so nasty, but it does the trick. Ironically the company that could most succinctly describe this transaction is BUCKLEY’S cough syrup. Their technique is: Tastes horrible? Check. Works? Check. I wonder if this is how smokers feel about cigarettes.


The irony comes from the fact that the only time this coffee tasted decent is when I had just tasted Buckley’s. I bet Calvin’s Dad could have told me to expect that.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cartoons aren't ALWAYS cool...

I just hit my head so hard that I was silent. Not that silence is incredibly difficult for me, but when you hurt yourself and scream, it’s one thing… when you smack your forehead on what I call a “triple corner” and just crouch silently in pain, it’s a different level. I don’t think I’m bleeding,




I saw those stars like in a cartoon. That was kinda cool.

Friday, September 3, 2010


It’s 9:52 and I just now realized my shirt was inside out. I’m such a doofus. Thank goodness hardly anybody is in the office today.