Friday, October 31, 2008

The pig-pig

So did I put up this picture because Piggy is cute enough to deserve a blog? Yes.

Also, since I finally have a picture of her where she doesn't look like she's running away, I thought that was post-worthy. Besides, it's not like I truly have something more worthwhile to do whilst sitting on MARTA. I've already read up on Drudge ( And everybody already knows that I think mr. Sin Laden is a poor choice for President. Granted there has to be SOME benefit to people all over the world being in love with your leader... (I have to retain at least a little optimism)

Although I've already proven that I thought the picture was good enough to stand alone, I thought it worth the time to plug my favorite news site and my term of endearment for McCain's opposition.

I really did want to talk about how cute Piggy is, but that's what the picture is for. I suppose if you're smart you stopped reading a while ago. Perhaps my next ride on public transit will be more inspiring. (However, considering the potential blog-worthy situations that come to mind as a possibility on MARTA, I hope not)
David McGinnis
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