Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I'm stepping on to Marta up at the train station and I had just missed the other train so the one sitting there at the top of the stairs will only be populated with those who are either still asleep from the trip North and ready-or-not going South in a few, or those riders that missed the 7:10 train with an even more frustrating proximity than I. The seats right next to the doors face sideways and a couple on each car are single (nobody's overhang can squash your leg). Just my luck the ONLY taken seat on the rail car I choose has somebody sitting in one of those single-sideriders that I love so much. In keeping with my strict loyalties I take the matching seat on the train, which as you can imagine is immediately across from this dude. As I'm "sizing him up" in my people-watching way, I notice he has a short moment of frustration. Perhaps it's like the awkward moment in an elevator when somebody else's rules of etiquette apparently differ from yours because they are invading you personal space for no reason... "Look at all that room over ther, where there's no ME!" I don't know what caused the look, but I was more interested in the sheer look of this guy. He had on a business outfit, black socks, size huge shoes, a Tony Almeida goatee and an NFL hat. I don't know which team, because the hat wasn't acing forward, only the approval seal on the back was showing. What really caught my attention was the fact that when I compared how far his knee was off the ground compared to mine, I started feeling tiny and thinking of 5'2" John stewart next to 6'5" O'Reilly. Needless to say I remembered what the guy looked like... I pull out the book I'm reading: Wild At Heart by John Eldridge, and I'm not 2 pages in when I read this paragraph:

"Witness the twin messages sported by young college-age men especially: a goatee, which says, "I'm kind of dangerous," and a baseball hat turned backward, which says, "But really I'm a little boy; don't require anything of me."

Needless to say, I was amused. 'Course this guy was well past college age, but chuckling I looked up from the pages in order to verify my memory... Yup. Good ol' William Wallace is sending mixed messages. I'm sure I'm biased in order to make myself seem like more of a man, but I thinking the internal monologue was leaning way toward "I'm a little boy"

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