Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Take up your own Cross, Mine is fine where it lies.

Yet another AHA moment.


Right or wrong, I’ve decided that given the choice between going through the motions of reading a daily devotion first thing in the morning, or at a time in which I can actually take it to heart, and commit my brain to what’s going on, I’d like the substance to not be lost on me simply because I couldn’t get my brain in gear.  The aha moment is not that, it’s about the phrase where Jesus tells us to take up our cross daily.


So we are called to take up our cross daily and follow Him. … “whoever loses his life for [Jesus] will save it.” I have understood for a while now that this means we are to be willing to die for the sake of Christ. When given the choice between living or dying, we don’t forsake God. The meaning of the phrase take up your cross and follow is referencing the tradition of a condemned man carrying his own cross to his execution site. That makes as much sense as Teller handing bank robber the gun he needs to rob the bank.


So I’ve always convinced myself that if I were in the same position as that girl at Columbine who was asked if she believed in Christ, I would say yes. That’s daring, that’s insane, that’s… passive. AHA. That passive readiness is not taking up the cross daily, that’s more like knowing where my cross is and only revealing its location if directly inquired.  I am not called to only be ready when asked. I’m called to tell. (here lies the old belief in the “silent witness”) I’m called to take the very implements that may be used to harm me into THE spiritual war zone every day. The same way that Jesus carried his cross and put his arms down willingly, I am to leave my comfort zone and share the gospel.  


May God help me, because that sure doesn’t come naturally.

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