Monday, April 12, 2010

Is DragonCon in town?

I should be ashamed of myself for so quickly jumping to the conclusion that these 2 individuals were headed to some kind of Nerd convention, but it was too fast to be conscious.
I was walking up to the fare gates down in the bowels of the Peachtree center station when w member of each gender sharing the same distaste for general hygiene passed excitedly in the opposite direction. My first thought, while identifying these individuals as uber-nerds as if it were a severe birth defect, was that there is likely a very tangible cause for their excitement. I know that Trogdor was in the vicinity a few years ago, so my mind jumped to a convention. Had they been dressed as vampires or Slayers, I would have been certain.

I can't decide which Larry the Cable Guy quote to use: "Lord I apologize" or "I 'on't care who ye are, tha's funny right thare"

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