Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Re: You can run but you can't hide


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It's a bad quality picture because I was afraid that the doors would close while I was composing a no-glare angle.

So I took the picture because there's a student that has brought up, multiple times, the Big Brother technique. His quote would be "hey, we noticed" He has this great idea of what to look for and how to align our metrics with the things that the people running the lines ought to care about... But when it comes to implementation suggestions, instead of grabbing a few tools out of the Vision toolbox in order to better communicate our goals (and why), and including this new metric from the Knowledge Process toolbox for something a little more tangible-like that the personnel can keep in their daily focus, he wants to look at the metric as a manager and then run down to the line and say "HEY! We noticed." I think it's just a phase, so I'm not worried. I'll try to help him out of it.

I'm thinkin' this attempt by MARTA to indimidate ne'er-do-wells with a 2D rentacop is hilarious and much like gun control would probably only work on the people we aren't exacty worried about in the first place.

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